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Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one

Malcolm Forbes
MSSRA L. L. C serves higher education, corporations, K-12 educational systems and nonprofit agencies. We provide an online cloud based assessment system to serve the needs of those who want efficient and comprehensive assessment tools.
We have completed our first round of Beta test with a large size university in the West. We also have a wide variety of expert consultants to handle our clients.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

Nelson Mandela
Our management believes communication is critical to understanding and meeting the assessment and evaluation needs of our clients. Clients appreciate our desire to create an environment of safety, value, freedom and openness.
We guarantee that information put into our system or shared with a consultant will be safe and protected. We value your position on assessment so your ideas and thoughts are held in high regard. Our communication will always be direct and honest.

The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education

Martin Luther King, Jr.
Making assessments/evaluation easier, more efficient and comprehensive was the goal that the owner Dr. Sakile Camara envisioned when she started MSSRA L. L. C in 1998. Today, this mission is more important than ever.

We operate with high levels of integrity and respect. We aim to make a real difference in the lives of faculty, teachers, administrators and other constituents.
Our job is to make sure that our Solutions are competitive, yet cost effective. Organizations should not have to pay extreme prices for a Solution that is designed to help them improve for the better good of our society.

A cost effective Solution will help many organizations work toward their goals without the burden of an over, priced tool to help them do it.

All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual.

Albert Einstein
We want to be known around the world as a diverse company that helps its customers assess its programs effectively.

Sakile Camara built this business based on her Christian faith, belief and principles. These values and rules will help us become one of the world’s most respected, trusted, and sought after companies.
At the core of this company is respect – for clients, associates, and contractors. This is how we build long lasting relationships.

We are a business committed to excellence because we believe in serving our clients first.

Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.

John Deway
MSSRA’s has a bottom up philosophy that allows us to capture the assessment and consultant needs of our clients. Suggestion about assessment will be taken seriously and considered in all design phases.
Our Solution is designed around teamwork. Thus, MSSRA L. L. C believes in working as a team as the solution grows and as technology changes.

Teamwork is one of MSSRA L. L. C's core values.


The birth of MSSRA L. L. C was 1998, in Columbus, Ohio. The company was started by Sakile Camara who was a doctoral graduate student at The Ohio State University. Sakile served as the only consultant for the company. The focus was on assessing nonprofit after school K-12 programs.

In 2001, Sakile Camara graduated from the School of Journalism and Communication doctoral program at The Ohio State University. She quickly took a tenure track position right after graduation in Houston Texas as an Assistant Professor of Communication Studies at the University of Houston-Downtown (UHD). While in Texas she conducted two seminars on assessment with K-12 schools in Dallas and served as a member of the assessment committee at UHD.

In 2006 Sakile moved to California for another tenure track position as an Assistant Professor of Communication Studies. Sakile’s primary focus was on tenure and promotion and in the spring of 2011 Sakile was granted tenured and was promoted to Associate Professor in the Department of Communication Studies.

In 2011, Sakile designed an assessment solution called AMEE (Assessment Made Easy Everyday) over a three month period. Investors were solicited for the development of the Solution.

In 2012, Beta testers were solicited for the assessment software solution and a provisional patent was filed on behalf of the AMEE Solution. In the fall of the same year MSSRA L. L. C became Incorporated in Arkansas and launched the AMEE Solution October 1, 2012 after initial Beta tests.

In 2013, MSSRA L. L. C filed its final patent and designed an individual account for academic institutions that can be purchased online. Now the company’s dominant consulting format is online. On-site consultation must be requested.

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We Lead The Way

We are at the front of leading a global change in how people learn, progress and educate. Education is crucial for success and our passion is revolutionising how peoples perceive and experience that education.

We Save You Time & Money

We know the bottom line counts. We build all our products with the maximum return in investment possible for its users. We focus on what counts and cut away the unnecessary.

We Help You Rise

Everything we do is built with the philosophy of helping you succeed. We are happy when we bring you closer to where you want to be. We aim to bring value to every experience people have with us.

We Love What We Do

As a team of lifelong educators and researchers we are passionate about education. Every product is built with love. Love for learning and knowledge leading to success and opportunity.

We Value Progress

Our aim is to rapidly instil you with the knowledge and tools necessary for that level of success you always wanted. The straightest path to success is the one we are working hard to build for you.

We Love To Talk

We are love to hear from new and past clients. We love feedback and we love interaction. Never hesitate to get in touch and help us to help you.

What people say?

Few products are as thoughtfully designed as MSSRAs, and even fewer combine superb visuals with clear writing that encourages exploration.
If you're a business owner or teacher looking for a way to reengage students and staff in learning they are a great investment.

Steven M. Moody

What people say?

The material and interface is informative and interactive. For students who'd like to further learning they are an excellent choice. Content is ever relevant and highly applicable. Also great price range.

Karla L. Barnes

What people say?

I am late 20s and needed something affordable to help me study and get ahead in my career. I wanted something online because due to other commitments I travel around a lot. There is very little educational software out there and before enrolling I could not find many other similar products. MSSRA has been wonderful and I have gotten a fantastic return on investment. Thank you!

Victor C. Bergevin

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